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About us

«Worldwide games» — Worldwide games is a Russian company established in 2017. The company’s aim is to popularize the culture of board games in Russia, publishing them and ensuring their maximum accessibility.

We aim to bring the most exiting products from all over the world, as well as our own developments to the market. Our vast experience, accumulated knowledge and professional approach form a solid foundation for the development of the company. We are endlessly committed to our work, and achieved results inspire us to reach new endeavors.

Popularize the culture of board games and ensure their availability for everyone.

«20-20»: publish at least 20 board games in Russia by the end of 2020.


We are open for a teamwork with all interested parties. We invite Russian and foreign partners to the mutually beneficial cooperation: board games developers and publishers, specialty stores and clubs.

If you want to become our partner, fill out the feedback form, make your suggestions and include your contacts for communication. We will certainly consider each inquiry and respond to all of them.

Address: 350051, Russia, Krasnodar.
Tel.: +7 (952) 851-58-53